More About Me…

Rachel began acting professionally in 1996, beginning in theater and eventually moving into film as she moved from Colorado to Los Angeles. When there, she worked for a talent management company for kids. When she moved to Florida, in 2000, she actually got even more involved as an actress personally, doing many local independent films. She opened her own management company, taking on an intimate group of clients who she consulted and helped obtain work, and she became a booking agent for bands. She also ran a networking group for people in artistic fields.

Eventually, she put that to the side and started focusing on writing, something she had begun also in LA as a theater critic. She started slowly working for publications in South Florida, eventually working for over 40 of them, as well as becoming an editor. In addition, she wrote a book about the industry called “Basics of the Biz” (available on in 2009. Today, she is the editor of the Observer Newspaper in Deerfield Beach and also has her own publication online called Independent Streak Magazine. It is geared to the film industry with a focus on Florida, but including film industry professionals worldwide.

She has been interviewed on various radio shows and on videos, as well as in print, for her expertise in the industry and has had her own award-winning radio show (archives are still online– It won best web radio show in 2013 from Women in the Arts Miami. In addition, she has been the host for Observer TV, Artistic Times TV and elsewhere.