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“Basics of the Biz: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor” by Rachel Galvin
Review by Dayna Andrews; The Haute Librarian

When I read Rachel’s book, it was like I was sitting in her living room, curled up in my “make yourself at home” position, with a glass of smoky, woodsy red listening to someone who has “been there” just simply tell me how to do it… Refreshing. Honest. Inspiring. Not only does Rachel grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eyes and say, “get out there!” she shares the steps, helpful hints and “secrets” that many actors might keep to themselves. I even learned how to align my chakras!

After sharing the compelling story of her own journey, Rachel outlines in a quick and witty read the basic ins and outs of the business of being an actor. From which classes to take to the latest networking techniques. However, since she is multi-talented and “fluent” in many genres, she adds a section at the end – After you have “made it”, try this and this and this. How optimistic! How encouraging! How positive! Buy this book today; curl up in your favorite chair, with your favorite liquid enjoyment and… your new best friend in the Biz!

Basics of the Biz:: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor (Volume 1)

“Basics of the Biz…” is available on Amazon.com.
Also, visit her Wikipedia site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Galvin. A new website for the actress/author/filmmaker is currently in development. Visit her on IndependentStreak.Ning.Com in the meantime.

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