Rachel Galvin stars in winning 48 Hour film fest project

48 hour film fest 2011 003On July 30, Rachel Galvin was busy acting in a short film for the 48 hour film festival. She worked again with director Kurt Donath, producer Tom Leeman and D.P. Jon van der Baan. Also starring again was Melodie Veverka, who played the lead role. This is the third film that Galvin has been a part of with this crew, but they have done several throughout the years and won many awards in the process. Galvin also worked with this crew in “Lucky Streak and the Crime Fighters,” a feature film. The film won “Best Character.”

The film was written by Melodie Veverka and Rachel Galvin as a mix of “Sex in the City” and “The Hangover.” Although, Galvin’s character seems more “Devil Wears Prada.”

Rachel Galvin cast in sci-fi webseries “Absolution”

Rachel Galvin has been cast in the upcoming webseries “Absolution.” The web series, which will begin with a pilot, was created by Three Lefts Productions, which was formed by veteran Stage and Screen professionals Robert J. Coward, Ryan Hogge and Elizabeth Garrard. A portion of the proceeds from DVD sales will be going to the charities Equality NowLovewell Institute for the Creative Arts, and Kids Need to Read.

Galvin will be playing an obsessed fan/ stalker, a part she cannot wait to sink her teeth into.

Rachel Galvin starts acting coaching

Rachel Galvin returns to coaching actors by working in collaboration with Talina Adamo Oblander’s Black Onyx Productions. She will be working with actors to help hone their script in preparation for a demo reel scene to be shot by Oblander. By helping actors break down the scene and discover their character, she is able to bring out the emotions and beats within the scene to bring it alive and make a better showcase for the actor.

She is in plans to do a basics seminar (also with Oblander) at the end of July. Plans to be announced soon. This will follow many of the points she covers in her book “Basics of the Biz,” but will elaborate on her standard seminar which has been featured at the Delray Beach and Lake Worth film festivals.

Interested in coaching or workshop? Contact Galvin at ravenprods@yahoo.com.

“I plan on making them a bit more interactive,” said Galvin, who is excited to also be working with actors one on one.

See Rachel Galvin at Florida SuperCon!

Rachel Galvin & Kurt DonathJuly 1-4, Rachel Galvin will be at the Florida SuperCon with her director Kurt Donath promoting their film “Lucky Streak & the Crime Fighters.” Rachel played Amazing Grace, a retired superhero who comes back into the crime fighting game in order to save her daughter. Come see the film, buy a copy or get an autographed picture of Rachel and the cast. See ya there! http://www.floridasupercon.com/

Rachel Galvin stars in John Hamblin’s “Boca Raton: It’s Happening”

DBFF 2011 048On April 14 at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, a medium-sized crowd assembled to watch the four contestants for the Script to Reel contest. Director John Hamblin was one of the directors brave enough to take on the challenge. The stipulation in creating the quickly-put-together project was that it has to include a certain line of dialogue, feature product placement from the Downtown Boca Raton Film Festival sponsors, it had to feature the mascot Leo–the dog, and a few others fun last-minute things. He pulled it off.

Rachel Galvin was one of the leads. “I played the quirky wife,” she said. “I used a lot of my own personality in the character. I had a blast working with the creative cast and crew. John was great! He allowed us to really make the parts our own and embellish (Improv) as we saw fit. I was able to bring and utilize my own props to really bring the character to life.”

The short film also starred Robert Gordon Spencer, as her husband, Alyn Darnay, Larry Gotterer and other dedicated actors. It shows again on Sunday, April 17, at 5 p.m. at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.

“Basics of the Biz” seminar a success

Rachel Galvin’s first seminar on “Basics of the Biz” brought in 15 people! The workshop was held as part of the Delray Beach Film Festival.

“I was please that so many showed up,” said Galvin. “I am always happy to teach others what I have learned and the mistakes and successes I have had.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Galvin hopes to have more seminars soon.seminar and radio show-03-25 005

Rachel Galvin teaches class on the biz for DBFF

pic of me taken by Gordon Tobol

pic of me taken by Gordon Tobol

On Thursday morning, March 25, at 11 a.m. at the Crest Theater in Delray Beach (51 N. Swinton Ave), Rachel Galvin will be going over some pointers for those wanting to get involved in the acting industry. This is a one hour free workshop. Bring your headshot and resume.

Talking points: Why act? Are you cut out for it? Costs? How do you protect self? Union or not? Types of headshots/ resumes, classes, ways to network/ market self, theater vs. film, how to get an agent, how to treat agent or casting director, questions to ask, etc, difference between here and Los Angeles…and more!

Her book “Basics of the Biz” (available on Amazon.com) will be available for sale.

More info. on fest: www.independentstreak.ning.com or www.dbff.us.