Rachel Galvin ready for “Driven”

Rachel Galvin has been cast in the upcoming movie “Driven,” directed by Alex Leaty, which is already in production. She is looking forward to playing Mariam

in the film.

“I have known Alex for a long time and am looking forward to finally working with him!” said Galvin, who is also excited to be working with the rest of the great cast and crew!

Find out more on the movie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDrivenTheMovie/ or on their IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8407678/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1





Rachel Galvin to be in “Watchful Eyes Part 1”

Actress Rachel Galvin is proud to announce she is currently in a production of “Watchful Eyes Part 1,” directed by Jefferson. She plays a woman caught between worlds, trying to avoid going back into the void from whence  she came and hopes to get back into her past, but the “transfer” has a firm grip on her. Galvin portrays essentially three characters and is the only actress on stage, interacting with voices, created by Daniel Jackson. At this time, she will be performing in two very intimate performances in Delray. The first has a date of August 25.  The second is yet to be announced. More public performances will also be announced soon.

Cast in “Temple of Joy”

Rachel Galvin is excited to be cast in the low budget indie film “Temple of Joy” and join directors Troy Bernier and Eric Swain as well as the entire Ginungagap Filmwerks family once again. Rachel worked with the Gin Film alumni before in a music video called “Time to Sacrifice” for their film “Planet X: The Frozen Moon.”



Photo of Rachel Galvin on set for “Time to Go, the Sacrifice.”




“Temple of Joy” is a sci-fi film about time travel and was shot in location in faraway locales like Spain in addition to right here in South Florida. They are currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. Support their campaign by going to their website. (Plus you can see their post about adding Rachel to the team) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/687737279/the-temple-of-joy/posts.

Rachel Galvin cast in “The Haunting of Whaley House”

whaleyRachel Galvin is looking forward to being a part of Jose Prendes’ “The Haunting of Whaley House.” Galvin has been anxious to work with Prendes for quite some time ever since she found out some of her friends were in his film “Corpses Are Forever.” Since she lives in Florida and the production is taking place in Los Angeles, instead of flying to LA, he devised a plan for her to be a part of the film while still in Florida. She will play the 9-11 operator. She has been an operator before and also has done many voice over roles.

Rachel Galvin is Associate Producer on “Dakota Documentary”

Dakota-Building3Rachel Galvin has joined the team at Campfire Productions to help with the making of “Dakota Documentary,” a documentary about the iconic Dakota Apartments in New York City. Being a History major, Galvin is pleased to be doing research on the history of this landmark. To find out more about this project, directed by Scott Cardinal, visit www.dakotadocumentary.com.

Rachel Galvin shoots promo video blogs for “Absolution”

Mary Jane Carson In an attempt to raise excitement about the upcoming filming of the highly anticipated Sci-Fi webseries “Absolution,” Rachel Galvin created a series of video blogs Oct. 16, which will be aired weekly starting soon on the Absolution website and other venues. Galvin plays Mary Jane Carson, the president of the Scott Dru Fan Club and creator of video blogs done in his honor, as well as his Facebook page, entitled Scott Dru Fans Unite (The site will be launched soon). Carson is not just any fan. This No. 1 fan plans to be Dru’s number one … at all costs.

Check out Absolution’s fan page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150412325161648.418225.504906647&type=3#!/SWAbsolution.

Rachel Galvin attended Palm Con’s inaugural fest

Rachel Galvin and director Kurt Donath attended the 1st annual Palm Con to promote “Lucky Streak & the Crime Fighters.” The event was a big success. Not only was the film shown, but Donath and Galvin were interviewed by the Pow Wow Show and Donath was interviewed by Nerd Nation, which plans on interviewing the pair again soon. In addition, Comic Privvy did a video interview and many other media outlets and fans came to take photos of Galvin, who manned the booth. Galvin and Donath loved Palm Con and meeting the other people who were attending. They are looking forward to next year’s festivities.

Rachel Galvin does table-read for Sci-fi webseries “Absolution”

Rachel Galvin and Vance JonesRachel Galvin just was part of the first table read for the sci-fi webseries “Absolution.” She will be playing an obsessed fan, a part she cannot wait to play. The series has already raised over $15,000 toward production through Kickstarter. They plan to begin production in October in the South Florida area. This film’s proceeds will benefit several nonprofit organizations, including Equality NowLovewell Institute for the Creative Arts, and Kids Need to Read.

Rachel Galvin featured in music video

Rachel Galvin and Andrew Brown on set of music video

Rachel Galvin and Andrew Brown on set of music video

Rachel Galvin was featured in a music video directed by Troy Bernier of Ginnungagap Filmwerks. The singer is Scott Opiela and the song is “Time to Go, The Sacrifice.” Shooting took place on Aug. 14. The setting was a distant planet. Galvin played an astronaut who must run for her life. NASA may be shut down, but the dreams of planetary travel live on. The outfits may not be as elaborate as a Lady Gaga video, but they were custom-made.

The song is part of the soundtrack for a fun sci-fi romp called “Planeta Desconocido,” a film guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Featuring green screen shots, Tron-esque graphics and a futuristic landscape, the film is a bit like a video game with a game of cat and mouse between good and evil with tragic results.